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Deer Hunting and Living Quarters


Deer is one of the types of antelopes, and belongs to the group of mammals, and its weight ranges from 12 to 75 kilograms, while its length ranges from 51_109 centimeters, and its average age ranges from 10 to 12 years.

Types of Deer

It includes approximately 19 species, and these species are divided into three main sections, which are Grant's gazelle, Idorcas gazelle, and Nanjir's gazelle. The eastern side of Africa, and there is Thompson's gazelle, which is also one of the most famous species of deer, and it is smaller in size compared to Grant's gazelle. And in most parts of Africa.

Deer living Quarters

Deer often live in herds, the numbers of one herd range from ten to a hundred deer, and the deer is one of the main food for many predators, as it is a food source for many people, and there are many individuals who use its skin in manufactures, and extract amber from some types of deer, fleeing Deer are among their enemies by running, as they reach a speed of 60 miles per hour, and while running, the deer can jump many jumps that are characterized by its agility, and it is worth noting that the deer is able to maintain its running speed for several hours straight.

Deer Hunting

The method of hunting deer depends largely on the purpose of hunting it, and in this article we will present three ways to hunt deer, which are:

  • Hunting deer with a rifle: In this method, the hunter determines his target accurately and deeply, and then aims at it. In this method, patience and deliberation must be exercised before shooting at the deer. This method is very suitable for people who want to benefit from deer skin, or even extract amber from it, or from They want to eat his flesh.
  • Hunting with a leopard: In this method, a well-trained cheetah is used to catch the target, so as not to eat it or even kill it. This method greatly benefits individuals who seek to raise deer, as this method carries a small amount of risk to the health of the deer.
  • Hunting with the hammer: This method requires the hunter to have great physical strength, to have a high concentration power, and a car with a great speed, in order to catch up with the deer and get close to it as much as possible, so that the hunter can catch the deer and attract it to the car, and in the end it is important to know that The deer, with its intelligence, attracts the hunter to rugged places, so he must be careful to keep it in easy places.

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